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The Story

Hey there!

My name is Jess Van Spronsen and I'm the owner of Peak Mobile Coffee. I live in beautiful British Columbia, where Peak Coffee is currently based.

I've worked as a barista for three years and in this time I've discovered that coffee is so much more than just a drink. Need to catch up with a friend? Meet up for coffee. Wanting to reconnect with a family member? Catch up in a local cafe. Have a date with a special someone? Sit down and cozy up with your favorite drink.



The connection that happens when two people sit down for a coffee is truly magical. 

This is the philosophy that Peak Coffee is built on. A mobile coffee truck focused on connecting with the community while traveling through beautiful British Columbia. 

Peak is currently not operating, taking a bit of a break from the chaos that comes with running a business. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries!

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