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Peak Coffee will be serving all our coffee beverages using beans from Elysian Coffee Roasters. Elysian is local to Vancouver here in beautiful BC. Elysian has been awesome to work with, especially because of how invested they were in the WHOLE process. They're not just about getting delicious beans but about getting the equipment and KNOWLEDGE needed to make a delicious cup of coffee! 

Almond Melk 


Yep, that's not a typo! Melk. Here's why:


1.) Because it is not milk. Milk comes from an animal and an almond is not an animal.

2.) I wanted to pay some homage to my Dutch heritage, the Dutch word for milk is melk! 

Peak Coffee is going to be making fresh almond milk daily! Heres why:

1.) To reduce waste. It's true that it's so much more convenient and normalized to throw away a carton once it's empty. However, to change this norm Peak will be RE-USING glass bottles to store the freshly made almond melk!

2.) It tastes so good! Making almond melk by yourself means choosing exactly how you want it! And at Peak Coffee, the almond melk is going to be CREAMY. A delicious creamy almond milk makes THE MOST delicious latte. Ever.



London Fog, Chai or just plain steeped tea! Peak is super excited to be working with Granville Island Tea to serve you a delicious cup of tea. Super excited to be working with a longstanding local company that has such a wide variety, over 200 flavors!!

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